Bunnies aims to provide a high quality, fun and exciting learning experience, where children play in a safe and nurturing environment. It is a place for growing minds to develop, learn new skills and form the building blocks for future life and successes. At Bunnies we offer sessional care and education, 5 days a week for children age 2 years 6 months until they enter school. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, which supports our aims to care for and consider each child as an individual, providing a well balanced pre-school education. We observe, reflect and plan activities to make learning fun and to support your child at every stage of their learning journey, as well as develop skills to prepare children for their transfer to infant school.

Children at Bunnies participate in a wide variety of fun and exciting activities. These include both structured and free choice play, physical and creative activities, literacy, language and numeracy activities, problem solving and ICT. Through activities and games we help children develop independence, social and emotional skills, and scientific thought. Children also have the ability to play outside in our small outdoor area.

Our activities are all offered through the four main principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage

Some children qualify for Early Years Pupil Premium Funding find out more here:-