The Early Years Foundation Stage

Children develop quickly in their early years and we aim to do all we can to help children have the best possible start in life.

Our activities are offered through the four main principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage:

  • A UNIQUE CHILD – that every child is a competent learner  from  birth  who  can  be  resilient,  capable,   confident and self assured.
  • POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS – Children learn to be strong and independent from a base of loving and secure relationships with parents and/or a key person.
  • ENABLING ENVIRONMENT – the  environment plays a key  role  in  supporting  and extending   children’s    development and learning.
  • LEARNING AND DEVELOPING – Children  develop  and learn  in  different  ways  and  at  different  rates.


We will focus on the following three prime areas, which support learning in all other areas.

Personal, social and emotional development: making relationships, self-confidence and self awareness, managing feelings and behaviour.

Physical development: Moving and handing, health and self-care.

Communication and language: Listening and attention, understanding, speaking

These three prime areas help children to develop and learn, and become ready for school. As well as the three prime areas, we will also plan activities in the following areas of learning and development, known as specific areas.

Literacy: Reading, writing,

Mathematics: Numbers, shape, space and measure

Understanding the World: People and communities, the World, technology.

Expressive arts and design: exploring and using media and material, being imaginative.


Every Child Matters


We want your child to feel happy and safe with  us,  and  for  parents  and carers to  be confident about us too.

Our   team   is   highly   qualified, enthusiastic and  has  many  years experience. It is our duty as Child Care Professionals to ensure we help your child to:

  • Be healthy
  • Stay safe
  • Enjoy and achieve
  • Make a positive contribution
  • Have economic wellbeing

We do this through our Key Person approach.

All staff working  at  the  Pre-School  have  passed  enhanced  checks  by  the  Criminal  Records Bureau.

Key Person Approach

At  Bunnies  we  believe  that  children  are happiest and thrive most when supported by staff who know them and their parents well, and we  also believe that ‘recognising parents expertise in their own children and lives, doing things with families rather than to them is crucial’ (Moran, Ghate and Van der Merwe, 2004), and we embrace this with our Key Person approach.

We  designate a key person who  will  work  closely  with  your  child,  observing, assessing and recording in order to plan appropriately and purposefully for your child. This enables them to achieve their next steps  for  learning  and keeping you informed along the way.

Our approach gives every child the reassurance to feel secure and cared for, helps them become familiar with the environment and feel confident and safe within it.

We provide an inclusive environment, and our SEND 14 Local Offer is available to read here:

Surrey Local Offer – Banstead Bunnies