IMG_3166 After listening to our resident woodpeckers for a long time (weeks), and getting some brief glances of them way off at the tops of the trees, today whilst getting ready for forest school I was treated to seeing their nest hole in the tree, and watching both parents come and go to feed some noisy chicks. My photographer was summoned, and he managed to get some good shots of what is a Great spotted woodpecker family!!! Needless to say our Muddy Bunnies (Forest school children) loved seeing them too, they were lucky to be able to sit and watch them come and go for quite a while this afternoon, and were all captivated!!! Hopefully the rest of the children will get to see them Friday when we have another trip out to the woods planned. Please click on each photo to get a better look!

IMG_3169  IMG_3165 IMG_3170