This week has been very busy at Pre-school, we have seen the start of our ‘show and tell’ and the launch of our home-school library. Both of these activities go towards helping and developing children’s literacy skills and knowledge.

Show and tell occurs everyday, and children can bring in an item from home linked to EITHER the letter of the week,OR the colour of the week (or both if really clever!) on one or a couple of days a week. There is no need to bring something everyday! Children will show the rest of the group at carpet time.

Our Library is located in a basket in the entrance hall, and we would like to encourage children to borrow a book to share at home with parents and carers, and just ask that it is signed out and back in again. Thank you.

This all comes just a week before we look at books for our topic during the month of February.

Finally we had our Ofsted inspection this week, and we were very pleased with how it went, and the positive feedback we recieved from our inspector. Our results and the full report will be made available to all when we receive it, which will be approximately two weeks time.

Thank you to those parents who spoke with the Ofsted inspector.