1 cup water, 1 cup plain flour, 1/2 cup salt, 2 tablespoons of cream of tartare, 2 Tablespoons of cooking oil, a few drops of vanilla essence/ lavender/ cinnamon/peppermint or anything else you want it to smell of.

Add all the ingredients to a pan, doesn’t matter what order, and you will not ruin your pan either so don’t worry. Heat gently, stirring until to makes a dough, stay with the pan. It doesn’t take long, less than 2 mins. once its a dough, turn off and remove from heat. I normally put some clingfilm on the kitchen surface, put on some disposable gloves and then after about 2 mins (especially if children are making it, as it can be quite warm still) I knead in some food colouring of choice – this is actually really nice to do as it is warm and tactile. Job done.

Store in fridge lasts for months. You can experiment with it and if you want lots just double the ingredients, takes a bit longer in the pan but otherwise no difference!!! – ENJOY, I have been making it for years!!!.