This year in order to support independence we are introducing a ‘Skill of the week’. This is something we will be helping the children achieve, by focusing on for the week, giving them lots of opportunities to practice/try, and rewarding with a specific sticker if they achieve it. The skills will help support the children generally in their movements and involvement in the preschool routine and activities, and go along way in supporting ‘school readiness’ too. They start off relatively easy and many children will already be able to do some of the skills.

Skill of the week

10th Sept – Find my coat
17th Sept – Use the nose wiping station
24th Sept – Show good sitting
1st Oct – Remember the colour of my tray
8th Oct – Find my wellies and bag
15th Oct – Say “good morning” when I arrive

Half Term

29th Oct – Help a friend with the water pump at sink
5th Nov – leave mummy/daddy with a smile and a wave
12th Nov – Show good listening
19th Nov – Say “Please” and “Thank you”
26th Nov – Find my shoes and try to put them on
3rd Dec – Share a book with a friend
10th Dec – Sing a song with some actions