Well some of our children who leave to go to school this September will now know where they are heading!

An exciting time and a big step for both children and parents. We are having a visit this Wednesday 15th May from Mrs Downing the Headteacher at Warren Mead Infants in the afternoon, followed by a visit from one of the class teachers -Mrs Thomas on the 21st in the morning.We also hope to have a visit from Banstead Infants teachers too, but as of yet it is not arranged.
At these visits they will meet the children and spend a little time chatting and playing with them, but primarily it is to see what sort of setting they come from and gain information from the staff team.

Most of you will get a home visit from the teacher before your child starts school.

For those children who are staying on with us next year the new term dates are now available on our ‘Term date’ page.