P1090757This week we have been very lucky to have some great people visit Bunnies, to explain to the children what they do, and inspire them. Thank you to Ian Pullen (Chloe’s dad) for coming in to tell the children all about his job as a paramedic. Ian showed them his technical life saving equipment and protective clothing, and talked to the children about emergencies, 999 phone calls, as well as showing and supporting role play with lots of bandaging of limbs. The children all had a great time, I know some even slept in their bandages!!!

We were also lucky enough on Thursday to have a real fire engine come to the setting, along with the fire fighters from Banstead Green watch. Children got to see and sit in the fire engine and spray the hose up in the woods, and there were lots of questions and answers. Children were taught what to do if their clothing ever caught fire, and they practiced the STOP-DROP and ROLL manoeuvre. Even I got a quick go in the driver’s seat of the fire engine!!!

Thank you to Banstead Green watch for coming.

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